Coaching Programme

Independent Kitesurfing coaching (£30 Per Hour)

This covers the follow on skills after completion of the 2 day course. These courses are tailored to a student’s specific need and will never exceed 2 students to 1 instructor, it is usual for these courses to be 1-1 tuition. Skills from board starts, continued riding, riding up-wind, riding toe side, first jumps and transitions. Students can use the school equipment or their own equipment if deemed suitable.

Booking Information: (Please read carefully)
Once you have chosen your course or activity, please contact NWKS via e-mail or telephone (01229 844401 or 087 2407 8088) to see if your required date is available. We always answer e-mails within 24 hours, if your e-mail is not answered within 24 hours please contact us via phone.
Once a date has been agreed you will be pencilled in for that date and will be sent a medical form and an invoice for a 20% deposit for your course fee. Once you have completed the medical form and returned it along with your deposit the booking is deemed to be confirmed.
Two days prior to your booking you will be contacted with a weather check and provided with details of the time and place we should meet.
Please Note: NWKS can arrange most things for you, but unfortunately we cannot control the weather. We can teach kiting safely in winds from 12 to 25mph. But should your course fail to go ahead due to lack of or too much wind you will be offered alternative dates – or if you are unable to return, an alternative outdoor activity such as a Zap Cat Blast, Towable Fun, or Wakeboarding.